Free exclusive Tips-How to accomplish 35Kg Weight Loss easily

Weight loss
  1. Do you want to achieve the ideal weight for your School / College Reunion?
  2. Do you want to look smart in upcoming family functions?
  3. Are you looking for Compliments from friends –  You are looking ten years younger?
  4. Do you want to give the Best Gift to your spouse, parents, children by being disease-free by reducing weight?

Please do not blame yourself if your weight has increased, especially in Covid Times. It is a unique situation. We all are facing this situation first time in our lives.

You may have various questions coming up in Mind.

How can I have a flat tummy?

How to lose weight naturally at home in a month?

How do I kick start my weight loss?

15 tips on how to lose weight from my personal experience

Here is my current photo

Weight Loss

This is my Old photo, when my weight was 120 Kg

Weight Loss
  • You can avoid many complications like High Blood pressure, Fatty Liver, Cholesterol levels, etc., by reducing weight. 
  • You will have more Confidence while interacting with friends. You will look smarter, healthier, have more energy levels, be more productive in all areas of your life.
  • Good health is the Best Gift you can give to yourself and your family members.
  •  Health is Wealth.   Initially, we tend to give importance to wealth and lesser significance to Health.   As we grow older, we may have gathered wealth, but wealth will be of no use if our health is not right. We will not be able to use it from a proper perspective.
  • I am now enclosing 15 tips from my personal experience of Reducing 35 kg weight. This can help to lose weight naturally at home in a month

1) Seven Focus Areas for weight loss naturally

We can lose weight naturally by focussing on  7 Areas, ideally to be taken up slowly by bringing change in one focus area and then the next. These are Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Sunshine, Fasting, and adequate water intake. This blog focus is more on Excercise. In upcoming blogs, I will cover other important topics.

2) One Percent improvement daily basis

As per my personal experience Body heals naturally, and best to make small changes and make incremental changes daily. Just 1% change daily done over a year – we will become  37 times better.

Weight loss naturally

3) Exercise and Fitness:

Exercise plays a 30% role in weight loss. Initially, I spent 3-4 hours per day on various activities. Later reduced it to 90 minutes a day, and when I reached the ideal weight, 60 minutes a day. This helps to lose weight naturally at home fast

4) 2 Minutes Brain Hack: 

We can suggest our mind “ Only 2 minutes “. Over a while, I realized The most challenging part is the first step only. The mind resists initially. Once I start the workout, 2 minutes becomes 40 minutes.

5) Choose an accountability partner

An accountability partner can push you to take the first step and vice versa. We can share daily activities done, and an Accountability partner can motivate on days feeling lethargic.

6) Fitness Trainers

Over time, realized investment in Fitness Trainers helps a lot in jumpstart. I was initially treating it as an expense. Helped me to lose weight fast naturally and permanently Once my mindset changed to Investment in Health – huge shift happened.

7) Changing workout Routines helps weight loss fast naturally and permanently

I Kept on changing my workout routines to find what I enjoy doing daily basis. For me, it is difficult to do the same workouts every day.

8) We can try different options and choose the best ones suited to our bodies. 

  • Yoga sessions, 
  • Going to Gym
  • Running in Nature
  • 6 Stairs Climbing – 4 times a day in Office
  • HIIT walks
  • Jumba Sessions
  • Home workouts while playing music 

9) Nutrition:

By eating healthy, nutritious, and tasty food – it takes care of a 70% weight loss journey and becomes a lifestyle. A brief started homemade remedy with taking daily Boiling water by adding Turmeric, Carom seeds (ajwain), Curry leaves, Tulsi Leave, and pepper. Apple Cider Vinegar in the night also helped in losing weight.

Please see my blog – How fasting helped me in Reducing weight

Please see my blog on Healthy Diet and Nutrition

10) Awareness:

When I was 120 Kg weight in Australia, I had come to India on a short visit and met Global Guide – Heartfulness Meditation (   Asked Him a question – How can I grow in Meditation?. He saw me from top to bottom and answered:  “ Reduce Weight.

He brought to my awareness – How much I was eating – especially at lunch.  I was shocked, embarrassed. 

While doing Introspection, This was the best guidance I received. As I pondered over answers, I realized my weak spot of Overeating in Lunch time; earlier, it was in my subconscious mind.

11) Scheduling workouts  – Mood or Energy Levels are high. 

  • Over time, starting workouts were more effortless in the morning, as I am a Morning person.  At that time, my energy levels are high. I  take a short walk in the park near home and then start workouts.  
  • We can scan our days and find out -when our energy levels are highest, we don’t need to apply colossal willpower. 
  • To multiply my energy levels and endorphins, doing 5 minutes of exercise after every 1 hour while working helped a lot.  My productivity increased a lot.  
  • A variety of steps: Stair climbing while in the Office.  20 repetitions of weight while working from home. Deep Breathing while going for a walk. 5 rounds of Surya Namaskar.
  • Two things were achieved – Workouts became regular, Productivity and focus in my work increased. 
  • Many Pomodoro apps can be searched for reminders in our laptop, mobile to take regular breaks. 
  • Taking regular breaks from Mobile, Laptop increased my energy levels, as working long periods near wifi drains my energy.
  • Making a rooftop garden and taking 20 minutes breaks after 3 hours and being in the Sun helped me recover from wifi energy drainage.
  • This will answer the question –how to weight loss can be done naturally at home in a month

12) Activity Tracking Journal:

Daily journaling and celebrating small wins help to create regular exercise habits. In the journal, the following can be written.

  • How many minutes of workout done 
  • Which type of exercise done
  • Mood and energy level before and after workouts 

13) HIIT High-Intensity Interval Training: Exercise that burns the tummy flat 

  • Started jogging for 30 seconds, then slow walk for 90 seconds
  • Again sprinting for 30 seconds and slow walk for 90 seconds
  • Slowly built up stamina for 10 rounds
  • Found this to be equivalent to 40 Minutes workout.
  • Bought Trampoline for jumping exercises, as it is better than Jogging (Trampoline jumping has a Meager impact on the Knees)
  • All these helped me to kick start my weight loss

14) Practiced Yoga.

Starting doing 5 rounds of Agnisar Kriya on an empty stomach. A fantastic technique to have a Flat Tummy, Gas, Acidity, and stomach pain is reduced significantly.

15) Stacking habits

  • Tracked my routine habits from Morning to evening.
  • Stacked exercise habit to my already established Habit.
  • After brushing my teeth and taking a shower – I started my exercise routine.
  • This made me more comfortable to implement

Summary :

Please pick up any One Tip stated above and implement it fully for practical results in our life. Then take up the next Tip. This will help to have weight loss fast naturally and permanently. And also help in reducing tummy fat.

Making regular exercises as a lifestyle is the Best Health Insurance Policy we can buy for free, especially in Covid times.

By asking ourselves,  

“How Can I reduce weight daily?” 

“ How  can I get better daily?”

“What else is possible. “

Some of the Free Heartfulness Resources can help our Weight reduction journey: I have been doing Heartfulness Meditation since 2001.

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About Author

About Author

Deepak Kumar is a Certified Meditation Trainer, Certified Yoga Trainer, and Certified Magnified Healer Level 1 and 3. Also have been using recently Tapping, Affirmation, Various Stress relief, Sleep Management techniques for participants’ benefits.

About Author

Deepak Kumar is a Certified Meditation Trainer, Certified Yoga Trainer, and Certified Magnified Healer Level 1 and 3. Also have been using recently Tapping, Affirmation, Various Stress relief, Sleep Management techniques for participants’ benefits.

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No spam, notifications only about new products, updates.

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