Review of Restart Brighter Minds Program- Rewire, Restart, Rewind for 35 Years Plus

restart brighter minds
restart brighter minds

Restart Brighter Minds : Introduction :

The brain reaches its peak performance at 19-35 years, and after that, cognitive functioning declines.

So it is very much necessary to exercise the brain daily for good cognitive fitness.

As we age, the Cognitive reserve or the brain’s ability to learn and retain declines. 

Cognitive reserves are related to memory, conceptual thinking, problem-solving, pattern recognition, visualization, language, attention, perception, and the like may diminish.

Building this cognitive reserve as we age has tremendous implications for quality of life, as per research findings.

Age-related cognitive decline and typically leads to people becoming more forgetful and less mentally sharp. Brain health issues can be from mild conditions like Brain fog, Slowness in work.

Studies show that 10.9% of adults aged 65 years and above suffer from cognitive decline in India. Among adults aged between 35-60 years, 8.8 % have issues with various cognitive functions. Unfortunately, the number of people suffering from cognitive decline and other brain-related problems is expected to triple by 2040. 

This cognitive decline will become a significant challenge for healthcare systems soon. 

The study in 2019 mentioned that nearly one-third of employees in India are experiencing burnout. India stood in the second position with the second-highest percentage of workers facing burnouts with 29% in Asia.

Maintaining a healthy brain will help one’s mind stay clear and active, reduce the risk factors, keep it busy, and get the absolute best out of it as we grow old. Building this cognitive reserve as we age has tremendous implications for quality of life, as per research findings.

Cognitive skills encompass following and also include logic, reasoning, and creative skills.

Brighter Minds RESTART is designed to arrest the decline in our cognitive skills mentioned above and fight age-related brain fatigue with activities that exercise neural pathways—loss of flexibility to severe issues like dementia, Parkinson or Alzheimer’s.
Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and thus the senses. Memory, conceptual learning, emotions, problem-solving, pattern recognition, visualization, language, attention, perception, and action are all essentially cognitive skills.

All of these will be affected if we don’t keep training the brain for its betterment. As we grow old, changes can start to happen within the brain; that is, a gradual decrease in mental capabilities. This gradual decrease is referred to as age-related cognitive decline, and it typically leads to people becoming more forgetful and less mentally sharp.

About Restart Brighter Minds Program

When it comes to the brain, there are no quick fixes. Research shows that the key to fighting age-related cognitive decline is the good health of the mind, spirit, and body.

Brighter Minds RESTART a 15-Hour activity-led exploration of exercise, nutrition, sleep, novelty, challenge, creativity, and meditation designed for those who want to stay young at heart, in thought, ability, and action.
Brighter Minds RESTART Program is a training program for adults to Rewind, Rewire and ReStart some aspects of life. Minor modifications in our lifestyle and activities can go a long way in building and maintaining brain health.

The Program is designed with a very simplistic approach to learning and experiencing a few techniques in improving your cognitive reserve and bringing awareness of some critical concepts behind brain development – even as we keep aging.

It brings a practical approach to train the brain to cope with new world challenges and help individuals understand and modify lifestyle aspects to protect brain health and enhance cognitive capacity. It gives you a jump start to nudge your LIFESTYLE to build a BETTER BRAIN!

The ReStart program results from our continued research and development activity in the field of Neuroscience and Cognitive learning capacity enhancement. The recent evidence on increased cases of deteriorating memory, stress, anxiety, depression, brain fog, cognitive biases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia worldwide.

It is one of the reasons, the research team started exploring in-depth to bring out something for the adults – the age group above 35, To introduce some techniques and tools to improve the cognitive reserves in a month-long program with five sessions lasting three hours each, with the support of a trained facilitator, technology-enabled aid and practical tools.

This Program is not like a course to build new skills but to re-discover oneself and ReStart your life by exploring the inner self.
All the activities like Music, memory techniques, group activities, and the workbook are carefully designed for the Program.

restart brighter nminds
restart brighter minds

What do participants get from the RESTART program?

The RESTART program helps adults to rewind, rewire and ReStart some aspects of life along with improved brain health and increased brain capacity.

The program gives a positive impact on life with improved knowledge and practice of food habits and techniques to keep up brain health.

Participants will learn simple and practical tools that will help improve memory capacity, creative mindset and deal with modern-day complexity with a scientific mindset.

Participants will also learn key ideas about productivity, and problem-solving in the context of neuroscientific principles.

Features of this Program.

Brighter Minds RESTART is designed to give you the tools to harness your cognitive potential and find the freedom to think positively of the world you want to create and leave behind. RESTART presents an interesting opportunity for those above the age of 35 to rewind, rewire and restart critical aspects of mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

restart brighter minds

The new is always exciting and the experience of novelty triggers the release of dopamine. This motivates us to explore in search of a reward. The potential of the new and the unknown keeps our brains active, seeking different ways to find perceived rewards. Also, engaging oneself in novel activities (like learning a new language or learning to play a new musical instrument), or cognitively stimulating activities (like jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, or chess), or listening to music or practicing meditation and keeping up a positive mental attitude.

restart brighter minds
restart brighter minds

Using proven memory techniques, we can improve our raw mental processing power to convert dry information into something more interesting, and therefore, more memorable.

restart brighter minds

A puzzle once solved, seems much simpler than when we first encounter it — because all it takes is the ability to change perspective and find clues that trigger and combine existing data. Exercising this ability to see old information in new ways build analytical and problem-solving skills.

restart brighter minds

Creative tasks enhance neuron growth by promoting the production of new neurons and engaging existing ones in different combinations to keep them alive and awake.

Just like the rest of our muscles and organs, it needs the right nutrition, rest, and stimulation. RESTARThelps you transition into a lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, optimum sleep patterns, and regular physical exercise that are all essential for healthy mental functioning and high quality of life.

Lack of sleep harms attention, working memory, and many other cognitive abilities. This worsens as we age as it takes a toll on mental capacities and physical health. Due to aging, one’s ability to cope with sleep loss decreases. Hence, it is important to maintain good sleep during adulthood so that a strong cognitive reserve is built and maintained during old age.

Sleeping enough and on time is as important as food and water to survive. Without proper sleep, our brain would be unable to form neural pathways or maintain them in the brain which will help us to learn and create new memories, and it would become harder to concentrate and respond quickly.

The Brighter minds ReStart program is yet another lifestyle modification training based to address burnout and improve quality of life.

restart brighter minds

Through daily choices of mindset and behavior, you can rewire your brain to be more empathetic, integral to regulating emotions, and moderating interpersonal relationships that have a direct impact on mental stress, and therefore, wellness.

What is Unique about Restart Brighter Minds ?

Each participant is provided special Music – Restart Brighter minds, for 3 months.

Special Music is a Unique part of the Program, which can be listened to daily and during workshop dates.

restart brighter minds

Where one can buy the Program

To know more about the Program please register by clicking here


I have personally undergone this Program and found remarkable changes while and later in the Program.
Special mention to Uniqueness of this Program: Restart Music, which I used to listen to daily with my headphone. Before sleeping – it helped me to go in deep slate.

While executing various Project activities and deliverables, brain capacity increased a lot and hence Productivity. Wandering of thoughts while performing any activity reduced a lot. I started solving 1 Sudoku challenge per day to give a brain workout.
I would highly recommend this five weeks Program for everyone above 35 Years.

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