Personal Coaching For Sleep Mastery & Stress Management

After attending Personal Coaching 1:1 Sessions you will be able to have a deep refreshing sleep, wake up full of energy and be more focussed , more productive during the day, be able reduce stress levels and Overthinking.

Scroll Down to choose any of these Underlying causes of Sleep Deprivation. ( 45 Minutes session can be customized accordingly )

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This is for Everyone who is Unable to Have A Good Night’s restful sleep. And Does not have the Energy and Focus to engage in daily tasks.

Everyone’s sleep patterns have been affected during Covid time. Research shows that more than 40 percent of adults in India have sleep problems.

You are therefore not alone. Due to the global Covid situation, We are frightened to leave the house. We are concerned about our children going to school.

Throughout all media channels, there is constant news about Covid. There has been an impact on our family, friends, and relatives due to Covid situation.

Everyone is concerned about finances, jobs, businesses, health, and relationships.

This leads to Stress, Anxiety, and Loneliness, as well as daytime napping.

All these factors have affected our sleep greatly.

I wanted to bring to your attention that if you don’t sleep deeply, it will negatively affect your:

  • Career
  • Business
  • Family life
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Moods

Overall Ability to enjoy life

In the morning, we don’t feel energetic. The alarm is ringing.

However, you do not want to get up.

The feeling of having no energy and being tired. We drink more coffee, energy drinks, and sugar products, which impacts our ability to sleep at night. You need deep, restful sleep, not caffeine.

Drag along the whole day, with a lack of focus and concentration, and an irritable mindset.

It is hurting you more than you think.

Lack of sleep is hurting more than you think. It is weakening your entire life, without your awareness. Impacting physical health, mental health, emotional health, moods, relationships, without showing any evidence outside.

Lack of deep sleep impacts our Brain, memory, may lead to Dementia. One night sleep deprivation increases our blood sugar levels, hunger hormones are disrupted, we tend to eat and crave more junk food.

Growth hormones, not released due to late-night social media consumption. Our relationships are impacted due to an irritable mindset.

An increase in inflammation in the body leading to health issues.

We spend 33% of our lives asleep… Or at least, we should. It impacts 2/3 of our life.

But in our increasingly competitive and busy world, the first thing we reduce is our sleep to make more time for other activities, tasks, deliverables without realizing its long-term impact on the quality of our life and health.

Choose a Topic and Join in the Personal Coaching session

You can choose any of these Underlying causes of Sleep Deprivation. ( 45 Minutes sessions can be customized accordingly. )

Example for booking 5 Sessions – Chose any 5 Topics from below, and each Topic will be 45 minutes session

Personal Coaching Sessions on Sleep Mastery to Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Increase Motivation

Enhance self-discipline

Improve Brain power

Get answers to issues

Increase Self- Confidence

Benefits of Deep Sleep Mastery Sessions

1. Doze Off quickly

 Eliminate turning, tossing, and waking up in the middle of the night so you can have deep sleep quickly

2. Mental agility and freshness

The brain needs proper rest to function at its best. Make sure it gets what it needs by giving it a good night’s sleep.

3. Experience Complete Rest

A deep and relaxing sleep that gives your body the opportunity to rest, repair, and repair growth hormones for the next day.

4. Rise, Awake and Start 

Be less restless and more energetic throughout the day, so you can get things done.

5. Razor-Sharp Focus

Reduce mental fog to multi-task effortlessly, boost your memory and boost your focus.

6. Be Resilient with Stress 

By improving sleep, you will be able to handle challenges and obstacles more calmly.

7. Freedom From Sleep Medication

Discipline your sleep cycle and reduce dependence on sleep medications for better health.

8. A better night’s sleep 

Results in better emotional balance and fewer mood swings. This means feeling happier and better all day long.


Personal Coaching For Sleep Mastery & Stress Management

The Deep Sleep Mastery is a fun, hands-on, Personal Coaching 1:1 Sessions where you will learn the science of good sleep and different techniques for deep sleep, and also underlying root causes.

10 Powerful Techniques that you will learn in the Session

If you Choose the GOLD SOLUTION you will learn everything that is mentioned below 

Meet Your Trainer

Deepak Kumar

I am Deepak Kumar, Sleep Transformation Coach.

Conducted over 200 Wellness Workshops Coaching Participants from all over Globe in Meditation, Stress Management, Sharing Healing Energy, Leadership Training, Habits Transformation workshops, etc.

Deepak Kumar is a Certified Meditation Trainer, Certified Yoga Trainer, and Certified Magnified Healer Level 1 and 3. Also have been using recently Tapping, Affirmation, Various Stress relief, Sleep Management techniques for participants’ benefits.

Deepak Kumar is Chartered Accountant, 1992, MBA- IIM Bangalore 1997, and have worked over 3 decades in Organizations like IBM, DuPont, Chemours, Whirlpool, Ernst & Young, HCL Technologies Ltd, and was deputed to various Global Projects Onsite in Melbourne, Osaka, Wilmington, Chicago, Singapore, Middle East, Spain, Italy. Now passionate about sharing the benefits of Various Health and Wellness and my own Self Transformation from a furious person to Meditation Trainer.

I can share my expertise in Stress Management, Sleep Management, Emotional release, Time Management, Productivity, letting go of Procrastination and thus achieve Peace, Calmness, serenity, and fulfilling Healthy life.

Who can Attend the Personal Coaching Session?

It is meant for Everyone having sleep issues, specially in Covid times.

Working Professional




You are not the first to take the course

More than 100+ people have attended this healing session

Usually I don't fall asleep until 2/3 in the night but last night, though pain in shoulder, I was fast asleep by 11.30 and didn't wake up once during the night. Was able to wake up at 6.30 feeling fresh. Thank you Bhaiyya 🙏🙏


Yesterday night sleep was deep , calm without much interruption . Feeling fresh, wakeup at 5.10 am and all works done well synchronised ly with Different kind of energy in the body . Thanks Deepak Sir for such wonderful session.🙏.

Dr Vandana Powar

Brother, sleep was better yesterday without the disturbance of dreams. Thank you🙏🏼

Shweta Baliga

Sleep was very fulfilling. I am in process of getting up at 2 according to Daaji suggestion, it was quite tough past week but yesterday felt I got it all. Morning was really good 👍


Wonderful. I attended deep sleep Workshop by Deepak. I found it very useful. It helped a lot.

Millan Saxena

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    Good morning all. Last night sleep was sound, uninterrupted from 11 pm to 5 am which happens after long long time. All work like giving sitting which was lacking can be done because of early wakeup and finished Surynamskar,7am meditation after bath, diary writing, whisper and book reading upto 8.15 am. Now free to do lab work easly. Thanks for making my Habits good by heart.🙏
    - Dr Vandana Powar
    I've frequently joined the weekly meditation sessions that Deepak has put on for his colleagues. They have been a great mix of habit building, reminders, stress release and calming mediation. The way he guides through the meditation sessions is perfect for someone like me who is less experienced with meditation. I'm always coming away feeling relaxed and at peace!
    - Tony Moral
    Director- Finance Transformation The Chemours USA
    I like your Healing Energy Meditation for deep sleep and I am thankful for that. You have presented not only about sleep but also the values of morning routines with exposing to the Sun, 8 shaped walking, breathing exercises etc.I felt I have attended a very loving and beneficial work- shop which will be remembered ever. Thank you for your love towards humanity. With love and prayers from Beloved Lord,
    - N.Poongodi
    Excellent workshop conducted by Deepak sir. I sleep like a log after incorporating the changes suggested by Deepak sir. I am waking up in the morning even before the alarm rings absolutely refreshed. Working out in early morning day light is bringing new energy and enthusiasm in me and I realized my sight is improving when I do the eye exercise in early morning open day light rather than in room. Overall it has been an amazing experience
    This is about my 5th healing session on 24-May-2021 at 8:15 P.M. Before starting the session : I felt a little heavy as I was occupied with work and it was a busy day. After finishing the session : I felt very light, calming, and still in mind.
    - Tejashree
    I learned from Deepak how wonderful it is to meditate. I received the invitation exactly on the right moment in my life and was looking forward to his weekly meditation sessions on Fridays. The moment he starts speaking I feel the energy flowing.
    - Esther van de Poll
    The Chemours Spain

    Questions Generally Asked About The Sessions

    This Program is designed for anyone facing Sleep related challenges. And good sleep will bring positive changes in energy levels, good mood next day, Mind will be more focussed and able to solve problems, and productive.

    It will be a live workshop with us on Zoom

    Drop me an email on & I’ll look into this for you.

    You will receive the meeting link via Whatsapp

    Mail to

    Enrol Now for ₹499

    Bronze Solution

    Enrol Now for ₹1999

    Silver Solution

    Enrol Now for ₹2499

    Gold Solution

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