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Online Yoga

Online Yoga by Certified Yoga Trainers.

Online Yoga
Online Yoga
dil se yoga

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Sharing some of Testimonials who have attended Yoga Classes with us .

Shweta Baliga

Out of few sessions that I attended in this beautiful Yoga, today I was awestruck by its real beauty. I realised that Yoga for life time is the best medicine ever in world. It gives a feeling of joy, energy, peace and mainly love with in the heart also expands to the entire Universe.. Felt that I should share to every living n non living being with the love, peace and inner joy developed with in me during Yoga session. So calm, so quiet, so blissful feeling after the session too. Felt that if this is practiced by every one in world then world will be filled only with positive vibrations, joy, peace and love for each other in the place of hatred, enemity, joulosy, war etc for the sake of wealth, land and false Ego.. Am thankful to the entire team of Habits session becoz of which am here in this group.. I would never wish to miss any session until my work begins from office directly.. Later too I will continue doing Yoga early morning so that this life time best learning will be with me for life time.. Thank you all and wishing health n joy and prayers at our beloved Daaji for the well being of all..

Irene Dsilva

I am so privileged to be a part of this Yoga group. I have attended sessions from the beginning and with every session I feel more energized more peaceful. My body has once again started becoming agile. Brother Deepak and his team of Sisters are awesome. Selfless service to others. Really appreciate their time and dedication. Thank you all from the bottom of my heartπŸ™

Ritu Laddha

Amazing yoga session, different and new way of teaching yoga. Giving knowledge of breathing exercises and pranayam is an amazing job done by you. Giving your precious time and free service to people is really appreciable.

Indira Sharma

Very wonderful yoga practices just like Meditating while doing Heartful Efforts by yoga sister, Brother Deepak & team thanks πŸ’žπŸ‘Ό Vapi Gujarat India πŸ™

3 thoughts on “Online Yoga Classes for Overseas”

  1. Wonderful yoga practices by sister, Experience deep meditation after yoga, it’s a totally blissful Experience doing with Brother and sister a Heartfulness connection during Pandemic great effort by Brother Deepak& Heartfulness team thanks from bottom of my πŸ’žπŸ’–β€οΈπŸ™πŸ‘Ό

  2. I have had 2 weeks of yoga lessons with Sonali now. I am enjoying it and I especially like that she corrects my postures minutely. I’m looking forward to joining a group class and progressing.

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