Intermittent Fasting

Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Shocking Benefits of Intermittent fasting :

  1. Anti-aging Hormone: By doing Intermittent fasting we can slow down the aging process.
  2. Fat Storage reduced: By doing Intermittent fasting insulin which controls fat storage is reduced.
  3. Chronic Inflammation: The root cause of the major disease is Inflammation. Fasting helps in the same.
  4. Heart Health: Fasting reduces cholesterol levels thus improving Heart health.
  5. Brain Health: Research proves Fasting gives Mental Clarity and Concentration.
  6. Increase energy levels
  7. Extends life span as dead cells are processed during Fasting.
  8. Reduces Blood sugar levels.
 Intermittent Fasting

Many people find it difficult to fast. This Blog will cover the following points.

  • Intermittent Fasting Myths.
  • Different kinds of Intermittent Fasting.
  • Intermittent Fasting Results
  • Ekadashi Fasting
  • Water Fasting
  • Intermittent Fasting for Weight loss
  • Autophagy Fasting
  • Is Fasting Healthy
  • Dry Fasting

Intermittent fasting Myths

  1. We starve when we do Fasting
  2. Muscle is burnt while fasting.
  3. Our body gets depleted of Nutrients
  4. After fasting we overeat.
  5. Not healthy to fast.

Different kinds of Intermittent Fasting

  • Daily Fasting for 12 Hours for beginners: For beginners, they can start 12 hours fasting by finishing dinner at 8 pm and breakfast at 8 am. Once we get comfortable with 12 hours of fasting, we can go to the next level. Ideally best to start slow in doing Intermittent fasting.
  • And as we slowly build our fasting muscles, our body slowly adjusts to the routine we start. 1% improvement, incremental improvements help us to sustain the new habit of fasting. It is very good for weight maintenance too.
  • 16 Hours Fasting: Once the body adapts and is comfortable with intermittent fasting for 12 hours, then we can extend our fasting to 16 hours. For example Dinner by 7 pm, and Breakfast at 11 am. We can choose to eat 2 Meals in this window. Weight loss during this stage is alow but steady. The tip for faster weight loss is to have a low carbohydrate diet ( Which has a High Glycemic index ) Example Pizza, Pasta, Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Sugary drinks.
  • 18 Hours Fasting: Once the body adapts and is comfortable with intermittent fasting for 16 hours, we can extend it to 18 hours of fasting.
  • 24 Hours Fasting: Once in 15 days. Once our body adjusts for 18 hours of fasting, we can do 24 hours fasting, every 15 days. For example, eat dinner at 7 pm and next day dinner at 7 pm. OMAD – One meal a day.
  • Water Fasting for 24 Hours: Once the body adjusts to 24 hours fasting, with one meal a day. We can extend it to Water fasting for 24 hours. We can take black coffee or Green Tea.
  • 36 Hours Fasting: Here we take dinner at 7 pm, do not eat anything the next day and 2nd day have breakfast at 7 am.
  • Dry fasting ( Have done twice 3 days Dry Fasting- took it as a challenge ) is the most overlooked and yet most valuable mode of healing. While it’s been a very ancient practice somewhere we lost the ability to do it because today we have vitamins, supplements, fad diets, exercise programs, and so-called nutritional programs which we believe will make us better and give quicker results.

But good health doesn’t have to be so complicated and expensive. The simplest thing one can do is to use the intelligence and brilliance of the human body which has an in-built mechanism to detoxify .

Although superfoods help in staying healthy, health cannot depend on it. Hence, it’s important to get back to basics, simplify and do what our ancestors have already been doing. Dry Fasting is one of the most sought-after and tried and tested ways of tapping into the body’s power to heal itself.

1 Day Dry Fast is equivalent to 3 Day Water Fast or 6 Day Juice Fast.”

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Intermittent Fasting Results: Personal experience

Sharing my personal experience of Intermittent fasting :

 Intermittent Fasting Benefits
  • After I started intermittent fasting it accelerated my weight loss journey. Please see my blog on the Weight loss journey via exercise.
  • Initially used to have a headache as my body not used to fasting.
  • Started Vegetable Juice fasting to avoid Headaches. As the body gets all nutrients, used to have vegetable juice feasting by having it every 2 hours. One example is Cucumber Juice. Carrot Juice, Capsicum, and Cucumber juice. Tomato and Carrot Juice.
  • After doing multiple rounds of Juice feasting every Sunday- felt very lighter, more energy, and not hungry as all Nutrients from vegetables are going into the body.
  • Took precautions to buy Organic Vegetables only and washing Vegetables with salt and turmeric. Only after 2 hours of soaking used them for Making Juice.
  • Some of the tips learned from Dr. Pramod Tripathi- To manage hunger during fasting days.


  • IDEALLY, IT CAN BE ONLY vegetable JUICES throughout the day
  • But if you are uncomfortable you can have
    ● Clear soups made with 1 tbsp vegetables, only 200 ml at a time.
    ● Black tea only twice a day OR
    ● Coffee with or without Coconut milk (15ml) / Coconut oil only once a day.
    ● Shahi paani – water with 1tsp sabja seeds, rock salt, and lemon, 1 cup at a time. (For
    High Potassium patients, Avoid Sabja/Chia, Lemon, and rock salt.)
    ● Soaked Nuts 8-10
    ● 3-4 tsp of seeds Keep it simple as you can!!

Juice Fasting recipes from Dr Pramod Tripathi

800 gm Tomato
250 gm Carrots
1 red capsicum
1 yellow capsicum
Ginger, Salt, Pepper as per your taste

500 gm Bottle gourd
500 gm cucumber
Lemon juice
Ginger, Salt, Pepper as per your taste

700 gm Bottle gourd
2 cups Major Green leafy vegetables (Avoid fenugreek and dill/
1 Big Green capsicum
1 cup coriander
Lemon juice
Ginger, Salt, Pepper as per your taste

500 gm Ash gourd (White Pumpkin)/ Bottle gourd
1⁄2 apple
4 big capsicums
1 ridge gourd/ Any gourd Variety
1⁄2 lemon juice
Ginger, Salt, Pepper as per your taste

After getting used to Vegetable juice Fasting: Started 24 Hours fasting ( eating 1 meal a day ). Used lunchtime for 40 minutes walk. My energy level shot up. Concentration and focus increased- able to become more productive.

Many wonder – How I am able to Do Meditation, Regular job, Conduct Webinars, Learn new technology, Weekends conduct Meditation Sessions. Well, the secret is Intermittent fasting.

Who should not do Fasting

Now that we have discussed the importance of Fasting, it is equally important to mention – who should not be fasting.

  • Because it carries certain risks. Those people who are severely underweight.
  • Those who are malnourished.
  • Below 18 years age.
  • Pregnant women and lactating women.
  • Medical conditions like Gout, Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.
  • People on any Medication should consult or do fasting under doctor supervision.

For Tips on Healthy Diet and super foods for Heart, Brain please see my Blog


I understand it can be challenging to abstain from food for an extended period of time as it is easily available all around us. Specially In India, we celebrate all festivals, functions, and events – with food and drinks. Difficult to say no.

But let us still give it a try especially having an eating window from 12 noon to 8 pm – where social commitments can be met. And see what it can do to our body, as our body can heal on its own while it is fasting.

It is surely not a cure for all, but surely helps each one of us, and personally, it jumpstarted my weight loss and also maintaining weight after weight loss. In India most of the population is used to fasting, for example, Navratas, instead of eating fried foods, and sweet dishes, let us adopt waster fasting during special days.

Fasting and Meditation is the best Combination for Overall Wellness: Some of the Free Heartfulness Resources can help our Fasting and weight reduction journey: I have been doing Heartfulness Meditation since 2001.

Correct thinking right understanding of Fasting

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