Free Habits and Heart Workshop

Every Sunday 7pm IST

We have started a Free 13-week Habits and Heart program that will scientifically explore easy ways to build good habits and break bad ones. 


To participate in the “Habits formation” program, please join Whats app Group Link is enclosed.

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After registration, you will receive a link to the weekly meetings on your email and Whatsapp


Included in this program will be a deep dive into understanding the science of making tiny improvements to everything you do.

Oftentimes, small changes can seem insignificant in the short term, yet the impact they deliver over months and years can be enormous.

It will also include guided Relaxation, rejuvenation, Meditation from Heartfulness Institute.

Some of the topics covered will be  Building habits easy steps, environmental impacts on our habits, power of small changes, the secret to self-control, fixing causes of bad habits, law of least effort, stop procrastination tips, tips on behavior change, 

During these uncertain and stressful times, it will be helpful to  pause, reflect on our needs and take care of ourselves. “The most important part of any new habit is getting started—not just the first time, but each time.” 

We encourage you to make a fresh start and take the first step to create good habits that will set you up for long-term good health, happiness, and success.

Looking forward to meet you Sunday’s 7pm, To Register please fill join enclosed Whatsapp Group – Link is enclosed.

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Feedback from Participants -Habits Workshop


Participant 1

🙏🏻🙏🏻 I have reduced my t.v. time 50 percent. I m trying to serve snacks to my son in evening before dinner as he has to work till late night. I m trying to wake up half an hour than earlier.

Participant 2

This work shop was a unique opportunity on day 1  , good motivation to change some unnecessary activities and inculcate some positive one in daily routine

Participant 3

My routine is not the same everyday…I am trying to make it consistent…I am noting down what I am doing everyday …from the time I wake up to when I go to sleep…and working on it as to where I need to make amendments…

Participant 4

Because of your high expectations from all brothers and sisters in the group, it  has created Pygmalion effect. Every one is serious now to create good habits and curve unproductive habits. So many beautiful feed backs. It is my observation. I too critically examine my habits and am working to say good bye to unproductive time consuming  habits.

Participant 5

I wake up early than before and do meditation at 6 to 7a.m after that I do diary writing, read whispers and one beautiful thought. I have reduced  my time on net surfing and trying to improve myself day by day🙏

Participant 6

I strongly believe that the change in habits also be without stress and anxiety, remembering slow and steady wins the race. 😌🙏

Participant 7

I did notice that I have a habit of interrupting others when they are saying something and I noticed it and this week when I was talking to others as usual I did the same but good thing is I stopped myself by doing so at least for 3-4 times and I will continue to do so to overcome this as I did notice this is a very unnecessary thing😌🙏

Participant 8

I have improved my schedule a lot and also got insights into how to further improve. Also I am becoming clearer about my goals. Awareness is increasing about what I want to be. Communication has become better by way of reaching out to others…its a very valuable initiative and the workshops are motivating me. Thank you Brothers and Sisters for conceiving such a program and bringing it to us.

Participant 9

Master. I wash my face then sit 🪑 for meditation 30 to 40 minutes l realise that Divine light is always with me. But after meditation l feel happy & peaceful life through out the day . Thanks brother.

Participant 10

Dear brother, Habit workshop made a lot of change in me . My habit of getting up at 4:00 am n doing meditation was missing for a few months now I am happy that I can get up easily. I started observing myself n make use of my time in the best possible way. I started to write d diary REGULARLY by mentioning d time . Thanks a lot to dear brothers & sisters🙏.special thanks to sister Puja who sent me d link. Goodnight to all🙏😊

Participant 11

At bed time I pray, Meditate &Give thought for waking up early & it’s working (self talk) early waking provide me some extra hours for my personal growth for making me s best version of myself,my time management skills had changed & got extra time for my Sadhana & self transformation by observing myself , these two weeks were Blessings from Master’s as He is happy & Blessed me thanks to Habits workshop team members for putting so much positive efforts on Abhayasi’s transformation into a Best version of themselves 🙏💞😇

Participant 12

1Week 3 was implementation time my two bad habits unnecessary activities & overthinking
2first I changed the environment I arranged Heartfulness literature in my sitting aera& Switch myself for reading
3 I started taking Remote Sitting when ever my mind wander
4 I fixed time for these two good habits in between my current activities now my routine had fixed
Thanks ☺️

Participant 13

My observations (self introspection)

  1. Personal work, as well as sadhana, has become more regular. I don’t put more effort now or push myself; regularity and commitment have made it easier, as a routine has been set.
  2. To develop any good habit, we have to put some effort in the initial phase, once it gets set, extra efforts are not required, it makes us more automatic, we can celebrate small wins which makes us more confident and gives more clarity.
  3. I have also noticed that it is like a chain reaction, one good habit leads to another, and so on.

Participant 14

This 3 weeks were a total positive transformation for the Best Version of ourselves thanks to the team for making so much efforts in helping us to BECOME what we have to BE🙏🌹☺️

Participant 15

Yes agree with everyone i am trying to develop the habits of getting up early in the morning and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables even i am motivating my kids to develop good habits and they are also showing interest 🙏

Participant 16

Habit workshop:- I was weak at Maxim No.1 especially getting up and finish meditation before sunrise…
Somewhere, some points clicked me here in this group and the outcome is that for the last 10 days I have started to rise sharply at 4 am and next what I see that my whole day activities changed its pattern of living, spiritually, my behavior, generally bad from the point of an abhyasi. Now I can say with confidence that i am following Maxim no. 1 as described by Babuji Maharaj. A great change in life, really…thanks to admins and all brothers and sisters connected with this group

3 thoughts on “Free Habits and Heart Workshop”

  1. Sleeping late at night spoiled the whole day’s schedule, which would make it difficult to take the time of meditation.After Doing this Assignment, I also found improvement in myself. I have felt my morning meditation also improved.

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