How Culture shapes Habits, Removing Unwanted Habits



Assignment Week 5

Assignment Week 5, Note down any repeated things disturbing us .


After doing above steps, note down after 1-2 hours, or day- How do you feel ? Any changes felt

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Testimonials on workshop Culture shapes habits

I did my assignment. You were right Brother, the hand kept writing, the tears kept flowing and there was no thought about anything else only kept on writing, kept asking for forgiveness, begging for another chance. I strongly believe that this guilt this regret will no longer plague me. With this thought, this conviction, I feel lighter and my heart become more loving. Thankful to the Universe my Master for this connect with you, for your guidance, your efforts to give and serve and the immense benefits I am experiencing ??


A different task was given yesterday as assignment. I was asked to do same activity about 20 years back by a counseling personnel. So I decided to do it today early morning after meditation. I wrote mainly 4 points which are bothering me since 2006. Wrote about 3+ pages in a diary, while writing I could feel the mental status of those days, the emotions which were observed during those days came to mind again then I tore it in to pieces and burnt n saw it burning, tears rolled down for a while for the guilt n insecure feelings then flushed it.. With lot of water. Mind is bit clear on certain matters after that. Though my family don’t knw of these assignments, on one point of concern my husband by himself told few words to me to remove the insecure feeling.. While writing this now I am surprised how my husband gave feeling of security on the same topic on which I had written with insecure feeling. .. So assignment must be having scientific base which works positively for our betterment. Thank you


After the task given above, I wrote down my two disturbing thoughts which seem to be obstacles in my spiritual progress.
Guilt about what I have done and doing now, but can’t find ways to free myself from them.
I have overcome through all the above conditions, only guilt remains.
So I wrote yesterday after the session and burnt it and flushed it out.
After that, until now I feel free from some burden, become normal and start to take action against that.
Night sleep sound, morning meditation was deeply felt of Divine thought merged in every cell of the body.
There is a feeling of meaning to life with Master.
For twenty years, all stages of the above conditions had experienced it, But with Master’s Grace marching on the path with joy, Happiness.
Thanks and Regards,

I was having many complaints about the past bad behaviour of few people with me n I used discuss it n reminding myself of my bad luck. I written all those complaints n burnt n thrown this n feeling like I could do the cleaning my all samaskaras with all of them. Great assignment.