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  1. Shwetha G Baliga

    Individual sitting was given on queries that we had. I had some queries on Food habits where I was given certain suggestions to change food pattern and what should be avoided n what should be added in my food.. I have almost stopped night dinner since then.. Deepak brother joined me to Yoga group also which is helping me a lot to keep me healthy and light n fit. Brother cleared my doubts on Healing techniques which is new to me.. After the individual session I felt am getting very good guidance for life which is very important for overall growth in my day to day life and also to grow better in Heartfulness and be a better individual. Thank you

  2. As a winner in Habits workshop sessions 1-5.., was given an opportunity to interact 1-2-1 with Br Deepak.

    I was super excited and it was all worth it. 🙂
    I was mainly concerned of issues like procrastination and lack of discipline with myself and how that’s hampering overall growth both personally and professionally. Brother shared his words of wisdom citing examples from his interactions with Master and learnings over time. Got some very simple tips to follow that could help going forward.
    As an experienced IT professional he also shared his learnings from the sector and suggestions around the same.

    Turned out to be a very fruitful session. Looking forward to many more. 🙏🙏


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