Laws of Least Effort, Making Bad Habits Impossible

bad habits
bad habits
bad habits
bad habits
bad habits
bad habits
bad habits
bad habits

Self control does not seem to work while trying to let go of Bad Habits. Because in stress, self control is almost impossible. As part of brain responsible for self control is overshadowed by Stress.

bad habits
bad habits
bad habits

13 thoughts on “Laws of Least Effort, Making Bad Habits Impossible”

  1. Ravindra Desai

    Very good guidance. Thanks.I will keep mobile in different room for few hours- minimise distraction..
    Will keep water bottle near me and sip with feelings that water blesses me – a good healing.
    Few days a week I will take salt water bath- to begin with.

  2. Sangita Sharma

    Very good yoga session. I feel very good after attending yoga every time. I feel I learnt so many new things. I would like to join for a month but my office will be starting anytime therefore I can’t join. I would suggest for weekend sessions.

  3. Bhavisha Khatri

    I didn’t know how to do Surya नमस्कार. Bahut books m dekha. Ek do bar krti bhul jati. Lekin jab se Morng yoga Session start hua me roj karne lgi hu or muje sare aasan uske yad ho gae h ab bina dekhe bi karti hu. From two to three days I’m eating my food woth master’s blessing. But sometimes I forget to drink water with healing. But now I will definitely do this activity with my heart. In this week one day I didn’t take my phone 5 to 6 hours. It really feels relax from my worries. Now I realise Half of my worries started with my Phone. Now I will keep my phn aside. Phone side se ek acha hota ki concentration power bdti he kaam m man lgta h.

  4. This one another wonderful assignment. Been trying 3 out of the 5 and its definitely helping a lot in building consciousness.
    – I used to do 1/2 times randomly, now doing 5 Surya-namaskars daily, was very very irregular earlier and missed out casually on number of occasions. As i was doing this already since over a month, now an ease has set in and I do 5 in quick time. Feels so refreshed after that.
    – Tree Pose – Started doing it now, and in 3-4 days have been able to do for about 20 seconds. Started with support but now i am able to do without any support. Will build up on it
    – Water at desk – Very useful indeed and has increased the water intake in this humid weather. Making it visible works very well
    – Keeping Mobile away – This is something i need to work upon. I am trying to keep mobile on airplane mode till about 9am in morning first so there is no disturbance in morning meditation and exercise routine
    – Salt-water bath – Havent tried it yet.

    All in all these things are helping in getting over the bad-habits. Bad habits of ignorance of self, wasting time in random/ unrequired stuff. Best part is that I am able to see now that this is a time-waste activity.
    Feeling good that i have started observing and flushing out the unrequired and now trying to be a better version of Self.

    Thanks so much..regards

  5. Krimali Madrasi

    This is my first assignment with Habit workshop and I’m so thrilled to follow all the 5 habits daily. The feeling I’ve been having since I started to put these habits in action, is so peaceful, productive and works the best for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you for laying down these easy yet so helpful tips for us in this assignment.
    1. Doing 5 suryanamaskar everyday, well I do it in the morning before sitting to study, leaves me energetic and fresh for the day. Thank you!
    2. Tree pose for almost 2 minutes has boosted my focus and I can clearly see my concentration levels growing more! My target is to achieve 5 minutes by the end of the week. Thank you!
    3. Taking salt water bath twice everyday has also shifted my negative attitude and have been positive and energetic and freshall day! Thank you!
    4. Keeping mobile in different room till lunch has made me so productive that I do the same whenever I’m studying during the day. So well it turns out my mobile usage has been very low nowadays. Doesn’t seem to be addictive as much as it used to. Thank you!
    5. Keeping Water bottle in front of me has been my daily habit since more than 2 years now. But drinking with the thoughts that the water I’m drinking is healing me, is such a blessing that we can hold on to forever. Thank you!

  6. Assignment done sincerely brings me closer to my goal
    I started with 1 Surya namaskar in the morning and now started with 2 today.
    Tree pose brings great joy and increase in concentration
    I try and use my mobile in the morning but later have to use it.
    Every evening after work I have a salt bath and like to believe that it is really doing me good
    I keep drinking water but now I give a suggestion that it is healing me and I am sure it does too.
    I thank you Bhaiyya for your efforts in encouraging others to get good health.

  7. This activity brings me joy and positive vibes throughout the day. Able to do 4 out of 5.
    ✓ Keeping Mobile Away : This is one of the best things to do which keep us away from distractions during the work and I felt my productivity increased comparatively. I realised that I feel anxious or distracted easily by using mobile for longer hours. Not only during working hours, even during the other times I feel more relaxed and calm as I’m not wasting my time by scrolling on social media and by not being exposed to various news which effects us unknowingly in many ways.
    ✓ Surya Namaskaras(5 times) : Usually I do it 3 times per day and occassionally 5 times, but with this activity I have started doing it regularly for 5 times.
    ✓ Tree Pose (5 Minutes) : I used to do tree pose for 45 seconds till now, during this week’s activity I tried doing it for 1-1.5 minutes per day.
    ✓ Drinking water : I drink it very fast and just to fulfill my thirst(1 -1.5 litres/day). With this activity I’m able to manage drinking it very slowly, sip by sip feeling that it’s healing me. This way I’m managing to drink about 2-2.5 litres per day and can feel the positive energy.
    [Yet to try salt water bathing]
    I feel the energy shift in myself when I compare it to previous weeks and able to radiate this positive vibes to my surroundings and others(as people could feel me being more joyful than usual).
    Thank you for this wonderful activity which helps us to work on ourselves and increase our capabilities to become a better person day by day!!

  8. Sandeep Nayyar

    Indeed the Sunday 5th of June’21 was a session inbuilt with lot of learning’s where in I learned and unlearned couple of learning’s. Heartfelt Thanks you for the actionable advice..
    Let me share in Assignment 7 out of 5 Good habits couple of habits are part of my lifestyle..
    ✅Such as Surya Namsakar, complete body workout, keeping a water bottle at my desk. And in addition to it never skip morning walk and doing left nostrils
    breathing exercise.
    ✅And tried Tree Pose for a Couple of minutes. Awesome Experience. ✨
    ✔️Way forward will surely take up salt baths if my health/body permits.
    ✔️ Need to work on building distance from my phone. Honestly speaking, as a entire professional workload has been shifted to digital platforms, it’s even more complex to build distance from devices nowadays even if you have a strong willingness to stay off.
    ✅But needless to say, their toll on our health has also multiplied many folds. Thus it’s more important than ever. Certainly this aspect cannot be ignored.

    Thanks Once again and wish you all a tale of glory ahead… May Master’s Bless! ?
    Sandeep Nayyar, #Inspiration Heartfulness✨ ✨

  9. Dr. Vandana Powar

    Assignment 7 : I had been doing 3 habits regularly like Surynamskar, taking bath twice a day since Corona last untill now,but not using salt.And last one i e keeping hot water bottle at night on table.
    I am used to drink hot water after wakeup in the morning since 25 yrs.
    Surya namaskar I was doing since 20 yrs, regularly but last 5 yrs broken that habit which now get motivated by this workshop and now last 4 days done 10 Surynamskar per day and other Aasnas too. So this habit which had been done at that time makes me healthy and energetic now even at the age of 53 yrs. No hypertension,no diabetes .Only hypothyroidism,but not totally depends on allopathy treatment and my TSH level controlled by homeopathy since 15 yrs.
    Now take salt water bath which really feel free from negativity because I have hectic
    schedule and all stressful work has to be done. Now whole day went on smoothly.
    Feel fresh all the time from 6 am to 12 am.
    All these sessions , magnified healing playing great role to achieve this improvement in life.
    Mobile now I can’t leave, because all important work depends on it. Reports, patients appointments etc. So my mobile is 90 percent busy .
    Overall this new experience and to meet new brothers and sisters makes me feel very happy and joyous.
    Thanks to Habits work Shop team . ??

  10. Vn Murali Krishna

    Dear brother good morning , assignment 7, I started Surya namaskar 15 minutes and the result is body become flexible and feel energetic throughout the day. And have tried this salt salt water bathing made me energetic third one tree poster I could able to balance for 1 minute. Regarding mobile usage I am keeping in silent mode whenever there is no need. And last one I am giving always a bottle of water along with me and whenever I remember I am blessing it and taking with love as a result I feel love with me and radiating to my family members and to my colleagues thank you brother

  11. Assignment 7
    Very motivating assignment
    Doing Suryanamaskar started with 5 count, now it has increased to 10 count which keeps body flexible.
    I tried salt bath, felt fresh and energetic, thank you.
    Earlier had the habit of drinking hot water on empty stomach, now added the postive thought which does the healing.
    Usually I will keep the mobile in silence mode, thereby I use it less.
    Reading habit has increased.
    Thank You, habits team for motivating.

  12. Good morning dear Brother. I have started doing suryanamaskaras 3 rounds, started taking salt bath twice a day, started keeping water bottle near by and taking water by giving suggestion that this water is healing me. Feeling fresh, energetic, active throughout the day. Thank you Brother.

  13. Twice Salt water bath kept the energy level high , I could not sleep early for 2 days I slept very late. Then I realised I should take a early bath, atleast 3 hrs before my sleep time. That tip of your helped me brother. I couldn’t start with asanas due to my leg injury, I am waiting for the physiotherapy to start, post that will restart my asanas. As of now only pranayama. Mobile in different room helps but a call from office changes control. Tasting every sip of water with the healing thought in mind actually bring our attention to the present, felt calm during the practise. Over all it was a relaxing & energetic week.
    Many thanks brother.

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