About Me

Vision : 

Deepak Kumar’s Vision: Lifelong Learning, Sharing and making a positive Impact.

Mission :

On a mission to make a positive impact on 100,000 Working Professionals in Stress Management and Weight Reduction and Increase Energy levels using Healthy Habits.

And On a mission to bring awareness to 100,000 Working Professionals- Benefits and awareness – Heartfulness Meditation.

A Short Story About Me

I am Deepak Kumar, Sleep Mastery Coach.

Conducted over 200 Wellness Workshops Coaching Participants from all over Globe in Meditation, Stress Management, Sharing Healing Energy, Leadership Training, Habits Transformation workshops, etc.

Deepak Kumar is a Certified Meditation Trainer, Certified Yoga Trainer, and Certified Magnified Healer Level 1 and 3. Also have been using recently Tapping, Affirmation, Various Stress relief, Sleep Management techniques for participants’ benefits.

Deepak Kumar is Chartered Accountant, 1992, MBA- IIM Bangalore 1997, and have worked over 3 decades in Organizations like IBM, DuPont, Chemours, Whirlpool, Ernst & Young, HCL Technologies Ltd, and was deputed to various Global Projects Onsite in Melbourne, Osaka, Wilmington, Chicago, Singapore, Middle East, Spain, Italy. Now passionate about sharing the benefits of Various Health and Wellness and my own Self Transformation from a furious person to Meditation Trainer.

I can share my expertise in Stress Management, Sleep Management, Emotional release, Time Management, Productivity, letting go of Procrastination and thus achieve Peace, Calmness, serenity, and a fulfilling Healthy life.